Friday, June 4, 2010

Pork Salad

Throw all of these into the blender:
1pkg ranch dressing mix - mix according to package directions –
  Do not use low fat, be sure to use regular mayo
2 large tomatillos rinse and throw in blender –
  They look like green tomatoes with a skin on them
Cut off stem and add two whole jalapeno peppers –
  Use only one if you don't like it too spicy
1 bunch cilantro-
Just cut off part of the stems and throw the whole thing in the blender
Juice of one small lime

For every three cups of rice, add one small can of diced green chilies and about 1 teaspoon of chicken bouillon

Buy a nice pork shoulder roast, cook in the crock pot for a few hours, then drain a little and shred. Add one large can of green Enchilada sauce and equal part of brown sugar (just fill the empty sauce can with brown sugar to measure) Let the meat simmer in this for a little while.

Rice, meat, black beans, Romaine lettuce, chopped green onions and top with dressing.  You can squeeze some fresh lime on top, too!

From whence it came: A really wonderful gal named Maria Hudson published this fabulous recipe in a church newsletter. She served it at her daughter's wedding and then was kind enough to share the recipe with everyone. Recently, my friend Shannon, made it for her son's wedding reception and it was a huge hit! Thanks for sharing this recipe with all of us, Maria! It's as sweet as you are!

Why it's blogable: Just make it and you'll see why. It is such a great recipe. The pork is really sweet, which might sound weird, but it's not weird at all! It's good! The rice has a great flavor when you add the green chilies. I am a huge fan of green chilies! Love them! And let's take a minute to discuss this salad dressing. Guys, this is truly truly delicious stuff. If you've ever eaten at Cafe Rio, this is very similar to their house salad dressing. And if you've never eaten at Cafe Rio, run! Run to Cafe Rio right now! It's my favorite Mexican Food in the whole wide world!

One word of warning:  Unless your mouth is made of steel, you might want to use just one jalapeno in the dressing.  And because I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy stuff, I remove the seeds.  Did you know that most of the heat is in the seeds?  I learned that watching the Food Network.  And I was kind enough to pass that info along to y'all so you don't scorch your insides.  Remember how I told you that my friend, Shannon, made this for her son's wedding?  Well, I made 12 batches of this salad dressing for her and when I was done my hands were actually burned from the peppers.  I never knew that could happen, but now I know.  And don't you ever ever ever rub your eyes when you've been dealing with peppers.  That, my friends, is a huge mistake that you only make once!  Oh, and one more thing...I've told you more than once that I'm not a fan of cilantro.  And I'm still not, but I have to admit, it is really good in this dressing.  I only use half a bunch instead of a whole, but even with a whole bunch it's really good.  The Spy Who Loves Me has been known to overdose on this dressing. 

Hope you enjoy stirring it up!

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  1. Love your blog. I tell everyone in my neighborhood and in my ward. Trying to make it the most famous cooking blog in Texas for you! Keep up the good work.
    Jennifer Dial
    (Rodneys Mom and Kylees Mother in Law)