Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome to Stirring It Up With Pam

I'm so happy you are visiting my blog. In doing so, you are helping me to achieve my small yet worthy goal of creating the most famous cooking blog in the world. Don't misunderstand, I personally have no desire to be famous, it's my blog that aspires to fame and glory. Food glory! Is there any better kind of glory than food glory? I think not!

I'm just a mom who loves to cook and bake. It's a hobby that has become a passion slash obsession. And then, somewhat recently, I added another obsession to my life...blogging! I just love everything about blogging. I enjoy my own blogs, but mostly I LOVE to stalk other blogs. You can stick your nose in the air and say it's a waste of time, that's fine with me, but you have no idea what you're missing out on if you don't stalk at least a few amazing blogs on a regular basis. I'll put the links to some blogs I love in a separate post.

So, for a little while now I have wanted to combine these two passions of mine, cooking and blogging. I have some really great recipes, many of them given to me by really great people. I plan to have this little blog obtain world notoriety by posting my really great recipes, and then also telling you about the really great people who shared them with me.

Which brings me to another topic... sharing recipes. I share every single recipe I have, except one. I don't believe in not sharing recipes. If you are someone who has recipes you don't share, I hope you don't take offense, but I just don't get it. Why would you keep a perfectly wonderful recipe to yourself? So you can be the only one who makes this perfectly wonderful thing? What's the point of that? I don't see one. Whenever I make something and people compliment me on it, I will always say, "Oh, so and so gave me this recipe." I'm more than happy to give credit where credit is due. Someone who I love and is probably one of the, maybe even cooks I know, Janice Luncford, said to me once, "Good recipes are meant to be shared so that more people can enjoy them." I completely agree!

I'll bet you're wondering about that one recipe that I won't share. It's not that I won't, it's that I can't. It belonged to someone who really wanted it to remain a secret. And that someone is someone who I dearly loved! She passed away the end of last year, and it's up to her family to decide if and when the secret BBQ Brisket recipe will be made public. It is really yummy, but trust me, we can do without it on this blog because I have a huge unorganized folder full of very smudged and well worn recipes that we can all enjoy.

Here's the plan...I will never post a recipe that I haven't first tried out and deemed completely delicious. Also, I'm not a fancy cook. I'd much rather make something that tastes fabulous than looks fancy. Every now and then you can combine the two, but for the most part I just love great tasting recipes. I also don't cook with weird and fussy ingredients. Just regular stuff that you probably have in your pantry, unless of course you are Old Mother Hubbard, in which case, you can pick up the stuff at your local grocery store, or, if you're blessed enough to live near a Super Walmart, you can find it there. (You should know that I am a fan of Super Walmart. I do not like to shop, and Super Walmart meets many of my needs under one humongous roof, which makes me happy! I'm also cheap, and Super Walmart was designed for those of us who begin to perspire every time we open our wallets.)

I have just one small favor to ask in return for some really terrific recipes, please forward my link to EVERYONE YOU KNOW so this little blog can obtain it's goal of becoming the world's most famous cooking blog. Now let's get stirring!

Oh, stirring, that reminds me. I need to give a big shout out to my fabulous friend, Laurie Chalk. I had a contest on Facebook to see who could come up with a fun title for my blog and Laurie was the winner. I owe her a homemade treat as her prize. Just in case you are wondering, here were the top five titles, in no particular order...

Pam's Buns and Other Goodies
A Sprinkle of Pam
Green Eggs and Pam
The Original PAMpered Chef
Stirring It Up With Pam


  1. Rats! I was going to stalk your blog because I knew you had that secret BBQ sauce recipe and I was hoping it would show up here somewhere. Oh, well. I'm sure I'll find some other marvelous recipes worth stalking for! Thanks for sharing your talents. I'm looking forward to some good cookin'!

  2. I understand Pam (I am Randy's mom) and I had a good friend that shared his Bar B Que sauce with me from his restruant and made me promise to never reveal the recipe. so Randy made ours for your friend and she gave Randy hers, so its great to share that way.....