Friday, November 12, 2010

Unfussy Rolls

1 cup whole milk
½ cup butter
½ cup granulated sugar
¾ tsp salt
3 eggs
1 tbsp dry yeast +1 tsp sugar
4 cups white flour

In saucepan heat milk, butter, sugar, and salt until scalded.  Let cool to lukewarm.  Add eggs and stir.  Dissolve yeast and 1tsp sugar in ¼ cup warm water.  Add yeast to milk and add four cups white flour.  Don’t over mix - treat like muffins.  Let rise until double in bulk.  Shape into rolls*.  Let rise again and bake 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees F.  These can be stored overnight in the refrigerator, let warm to room temp 20 minutes before baking. 

*I usually divide the dough into two portions and roll each portion into a circle about ¼ inch thick (use flour as necessary to prevent sticking).  You can brush the dough with melted butter at this point if you wish.  Cut into 12 wedges.  Starting at the end opposite the point roll the wedge into a crescent and curve the ends.  Place on ungreased cookie sheets with the point on the bottom to keep it from unrolling.

From whence it came:  One of the very best cooks I know, Janice Luncford, shared this terrific recipe with me.  These rolls are really tasty, and they're very easy to make.  Perfect for the holidays, perfect everyday!  Just like Janice!

Why it's blogable:
  Today I made jam with my friend, Kerinda.  We made lots of jam.  A whole lot of jam.  We made four kinds of jam.  I'm tired from making jam.  And from licking my fingers.  And from licking the bowls.  And from licking the spoons.  It was impossible not to lick because each batch was so good!  We made red raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, and apricot strawberry.  I can't decide which one is my favorite.  I think it's whichever one I happen to be eating at the moment.  

I don't want to sound like a snob, but I need to tell you I almost never, pretty much never ever buy store bought jam.  It's just not that good, and once you make your own, store bought is second best, by a long shot!  Homemade jam is not that hard to make, and it's worth the effort!

What does this have to do with rolls, you might ask?  Well, after we made the jam, we were so sad we didn't have any homemade rolls to spread it on.  We put it on store bought English muffins, and it was good, but not as good as it would have been on Janice's Unfussy Rolls.  And then I realized I've never posted this yum-e recipe, and now seemed like the time to do it.  Right before Thanksgiving.  Right before Christmas.  But don't wait for a special occasion to make these, make any occasion special with these delicious rolls!

Click here to get the printable:

Hope you enjoy stirring it up!


  1. So where is the jam recipe? We're waiting....

  2. Guys, it's just the one inside the Pectin box. Sorry, nothing fancy. But it did turn out so good!