Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barbecue Chicken Salad

How silly! This really isn't a recipe, it's more of an idea or a suggestion. A really good idea and a really good suggestion. Have you ever made barbecue chicken salad? Well, if not, the time has come! It's one of my favorite things to order at a restaurant, but making it at home is just as good...maybe better...'cause it's cheaper...and you can totally pig out on it without people staring.

Here's whatcha do:

Mix as much or little of the following ingredients as you want to:


Tomatoes (I like the to use the grape ones because some of my family members don't like tomatoes and they can easily pick those little ones out)

Jack cheese (or any kind you like)

Avocado (I like lots, The Spy likes none...he's weird)

Jiciama (Makes a great crunch in the salad)

Black beans

Cilantro (It's yucky, but you can add it if you want to)

Diced red or green or yellow or orange peppers

Chopped purple or green onions

Corn (I like to cut it right off the cob without even cooking it! Yum! You can use frozen if you want to be lazy, you have my permission. You're welcome!)

Tortilla chips (Crunch 'em up a little bit)

Barbecued chicken (What I like to do is make BBQ chicken for dinner one night and make extra, then save it for a couple of days and serve it up in the salad. A big time saver!)

For the dressing you just mix your favorite ranch dressing and your favorite BBQ sauce. My favorite BBQ sauce is KC Masterpiece, original flavor. I seriously think it's the best! If you like the dressing more ranch-e, just add more ranch. If you like it more BBQ-e, just add more BBQ sauce. It's not rocket science, people. Just mix it up, stick your finger in it, give it a lick and see how it tastes. Add more ranch or add more sauce if you think it needs it.

From whence it came: My brain! I just ordered it enough times at restaurants that I decided to make my own. Like I said, it's not rocket science.

Why it's blogable: Because it's good. My teen daughter loves this salad. She gets so happy and nice when I make it for dinner. I love it when she's nice. Not to say that she isn't always nice, because she always is, except when I'm on her nerves, which is a fair amount of the time. But I'm never on her nerves when I make this salad. And even The Spy and the teen son love this. I'm pretty sure your family will, too!

Hope you enjoy stirring it up!

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  1. Pam, I love reading your commentary, you're so funny!