Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pathetic! Truly pathetic!

My two girls are pathetic!  You might think it unkind for me to say so, but when it comes to picking a birthday cake flavor, they stink.  Both of them.  Stinky stink stink!

My teen daughter (the middle child) officially became an adult yesterday.  She broke my heart by doing it.  She was supposed to remain my baby girl forever and always but she insisted on growing up.  The nerve!

I always ask my kids, "What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?"  Yes, it's true, I'm a giver!  I'm willing to make whatever kind of birthday cake they want.  Now keep in mind that these children of mine have a mother who has a cooking and baking blog.  (Mostly baking.  I'm not really all that interested in recipes that have protein.  I only post those to humor those people who insist on eating meals with dessert and not just dessert.)  So, keeping that in mind, that their mother has a baking blog, you would think these so called children of mine would ask for something wonderful.  Something totally from scratch.  Something that DOES NOT COME OUT OF A BOX!  Can you tell that my blood pressure is more than slightly elevated over this situation?

So, this girlie of mine picked the same annoying cake her sister always picks.  The same cake they have picked over and over for way too many years.  Are you ready for this.  I can barely stand to type the words...

"Mom, I want a Funfetti Cake!"
And, to add insult to injury, they both love the frosting in a can!  IN A CAN!  Canned frosting is even worse than a boxed cake mix.  I am not completely opposed to boxed cake mixes.  But I am absolutely and totally opposed (violently so) to canned frosting!  

I said to that girl of mine, "WHAT?  Are you nuts?  You are nuts!  Please don't tell me you want a cake that comes from a box at Super Walmart."  Nothing against Super Walmart.  You know I love that place more than my luggage!  That being said, I do not want to bake a "Funfetti" cake in celebration of the anniversary of one of the happiest days of my entire life.  That being the day that teeny tiny baby girl was put in my arms (after days and days of labor, but who remembers any of that?  Obviously I do!)

Her older, married sister, has set a very poor example in this regard.  She is the one who started this ridiculous "Funfetti" problem and now it's running rampant through the family.  I'm overjoyed to report that my baby boy (who will be 16 years old next month) has not yet let his sister's terrible habits rub off on him.  He was present when I was dealing with the "Funfetti" extravaganza and heard all my whining and moaning.  Do you want to know why I love that boy so very much?  I said to him in my moment of dispair, "What kind of cake do you want for your birthday next month?  Please oh please don't let the word Funfetti be in your answer by darling boy."

Wanna know what he said?  Wanna know why he's my favorite?  (Don't tell the sisters I said that.  They already know but it would be painful for them to read it on my blog.)  He said, "I want coconut cupcakes!"  That, my friends, is why that child is on my oh-so-very-good list!  Coconut cupcakes.  Not only from scratch, but a recipe that requires buying ingredients that I don't normally have on hand, and separating eggs and beating the egg whites.  Just typing that made me feel so much better.

I'd love to share the recipe with y'all, but it belongs to my friend Kerinda, and she actually sells this cake.  I don't agree with the concept of not sharing recipes, unless the recipe in question is helping you make some cold hard cash.  In that case, I say keep it to yourself and cash in!

So, the moral of the story is...I have no idea!  Well, maybe the moral is that no matter how hard you try to be the best cooking slash baking mommy in the world, there's a chance one or more of your kids is gonna make a really horrible choice at one time or another.  Like picking Funfetti!

P.S.  I hope her birthday wish included wishing for a new cake flavor next year!

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