Saturday, January 15, 2011

Overnight Steel Cut Oatmeal

This is more of a process than a recipe.  And here's the process:

First you need a crockpot.
If you don't have a crockpot let me know and I will begin to pray for your soul.  How can a person survive this treacherous life without a crockpot?  I shudder to think of it! 

Next you need a glass bowl.
I'm sure you have one of those.  If you don't, no amount of prayer can help.  That situation would be considered beyond help!  The glass bowl needs to be able to fit inside your crockpot with enough room around the edges to add water.

So, here's whatcha do:

Place the glass bowl in the crockpot.

Place 4 c. water, 1 c. steel cut oats and a pinch salt inside glass bowl.

These measurements make four nice size servings. 

Add enough water to crockpot to reach about 1/2 way up the inner bowl.

Basically, we've now created a double boiler using our crockpot.  How cool is that!

The inner bowl might float a little bit, but don't worry, the lid will push it back down.

Speaking of the lid, put it on the crockpot.  Plug it in.  That part is important.  You must plug it in.  And you must turn it onto low.  Then walk away, put on your pj's, wash your face, brush your teeth, say your prayers, eat a cookie, brush your teeth again, and go to bed.  (That's my nightly routine, just in case you're wondering!)

You will wake up in the morning to the creamiest bowl of oatmeal that you ever have imagined.

I put it in the crockpot at about 9:30 pm and served to the teen son at about 5:30 am.  Then I put the lid back on it and had a bowl myself around 8:00 am.  Then I put the lid back on it again and The Spy had a bowl around 9:00 am.  I tell you this not because I think you're fascinated by our morning routine, but rather so you'll know it stays warm and well in the crockpot if you eat breakfast in shifts like us Andersons. 

Now, things are about to get even better:
Sprinkle on some brown sugar and chopped walnuts or pecans.  You can also add blueberries or really anything that floats your boat.  But we're not done.  Oh no we're not.
Pour on a little bit of milk.  Or heavy cream if you don't care about heart health.  I use milk because I treasure my ticker.  Mix it all up and gobble it down!

That's all folks!  How easy is that?  If you've never tried steel cut oats, you simply must.  They are so much better than regular oats, and so very good for you.  You can buy them so cheap at a store like Henry's, or at any grocery store, but they're a lot more expensive at the grocery store.

If you don't live near a Henry's Marketplace I will pray for your soul.  I love and adore Henry's.  That's the place where I buy all my spices in bulk.  It's so much cheaper than buying them in those little containers at the grocery store.  I also buy all my nuts in bulk at Henry's.  And their produce rocks!  Steel Cut Oats at Henry's are only about .79 cents per pound.  And a pound makes a whole lotta oatmeal.  A whole lotta!

Steel Cut Oats are one of the healthiest and least expensive breakfasts you can eat.  The Spy Who Loves Me and the teen son love this stuff!  The teen daughter not so much.  She likes the little unhealthy packets of instant oatmeal that are loaded with sugar.  But she's a skinny little thing so we let it slide.

If you love your family, and I know you do, make this for them.  And they're sure to love you right back!

Hope you enjoy stirring it up!

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  1. Gee I have an oval crock pot, sure hope I can find a glass bowl to go inside. I have Coaches Oats from Costco every morning which is delish but this sounds cheaper and really less hassle not to have to stir! THANKS!!!