Wanted to share a great success story on your best ever pizza dough recipe. As you know we have 11 of the most beautiful great grandkids around!!! So we thought it would be fun to have a pizza party, especially since your uncle Jerry built this fabulous pizza oven in our back yard. I proceeded to make the pizza dough... (X4) a couple days ahead and put it in the frig. A couple hours before the party I took the dough out and proceeded to make personal size balls. Then assembled the sauce and toppings. (of course the work table was set up on the patio! I'm not completely crazy!) The kids went to work with their individual creations, after popping them in the oven for a quick 5 to 10 min they came out looking delicious, crispy on the bottom and puffed up and gooey cheese on the top, thank you Pam for this fabulous recipe so easy and delicious. Many happy memories at Grannys and Gramps were made. That's what its all about, love and family, food just seems to spread the love, Aunt Carol

"OK so i made this recipe and it's soooooooooo delicious. Make sure you have milk or vanilla ice cream around cuz it's super rich, which is obviously why they're so good. Oh and I wouldn't recommend putting them in the fridge or they'll be hard as a rock. Y'all have to make these brownies though."
Karina...cute wife of my wonderful nephew
"Ok, Pam I tried your Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies on Saturday and they were a hit! Thanks for the recipe! It makes a nice big batch too so I was able to share with friends and neighbors."
Lesa - mom of two cute boys and great friend
"LOVED the bread recipe!  I made 2 loaves on Monday, two loaves on Tuesday and will probably make 2 on Thursday and Friday.  The kids love it, our neighbors loved it and it fits perfectly in my long french bread pan...The kids thought I bought it the first day and wanted to see me bake it to prove I really did make it the second day!  I think the bread flour and the egg wash make all the difference.  Thanks for sharing :-)" 
Natalie - fun friend from high school and one of my bridesmaids...a really great friend!
"I made your yummiest chicken recipe. Wonderful. I used Panko breadcrumbs tho. I just seasoned them with Italian seasoning."
Cindy - dear wonderful old friend who I miss and love!


"Just wanted you to know that my ENTIRE family loved this recipe. Thanks I enjoy all your fun recipies!"
Karina - cute wife and mom of super cute kids!

"I made the Italian soup last night and it was a big hit! I added extra veggies.  It was delish!
Michele - my wonderful walking friend

"Are these the fabulous sugar cookies you always make????  Our family now makes them all the time!!  So yummy and no fail recipe."
Marianne - mom of three of the cutest boys you ever did see 
"I made the frosting for cupcakes for an eagle court of honor...big hit!!!"
Dana - cute wife and mom 
The "Worlds' best Pasta Salad"  Really is! It was great! 
Maria - great mom and sweet friend! 
"I tried the lasagna in the crock pot and the fam loved it, Awesome blog."
Cheryl - wife, mom and stalker of my blog
"I'm gonna come clean...my daughter made the brownies last night and I have the tortilla soup already going this morning...Its official, I stalk your blog and love your recipes." Cheryl again!

"OK, so your chicken recipe... absolutely AMAZING. And if I can make it, anyone can. Thanks for much for sharing! You can consider me your newest blog stalker :)"
Natalie - college student

"So the chicken was awesome!!! Already wrote it on a recipe card and it's in my box now. :) Thank you. And the cookies are almost gone which should tell you something right there. "
Melissa - mom of three cute boys

"Can I just tell you how much I am loving your cooking blog!!! I don't cook. But thanks to your blog I have cooked an amazing dinner and a delicious dessert. I have never been able to cook chicken that wasn't dry and blah...until tonight my chicken was a hit!!!"
Amanda - young wife and mom

"Just wanted to let you know that I tried your yummy chicken recipe and believe it or not, all of my kids liked it!! Mike and I liked it also, but the fact that ALL my kids liked the same meal is a miracle. Thanks for sharing."
Janelle - mom of four great kids

"Tonight I tasted this to-die-for chocolate truffle cookie, only to find out that it was baked by none other than Green Eggs and Pam. So, when are the secret combination cookies going up on the blog? I must have the recipe!!! I can't imagine you just giving us fish, for heaven's sake, teach us to fish so we can feed our selves with yummy Chocolate Truffle Cookies. In the words of the famous Veruca Salt - I WANT IT NOW!"
Randy - a man who is a really good cook!

"I'm a believer! These cookies are to die for. The thing I love the most is they don't go flat. I've had cookies that taste as good, but none that look as yummy. Thanks for the recipe."
Randy again - I told you he can cook!

"I made your chocolate chip "perfect first recipe" cookies, and to let you know, my girls and theirs friends Love 'em! You're right, they're "easy schmeazy" and delish! Thx for sharing your recipe! xo"
Marguerite - my sweet sister-in-law